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Miscellany 4

This page follows along the same aims in that of the original Miscellany series Miscellany1, Miscellany 2 and Miscellany 3 -- that is, to include occasional images from LPOD that have been annotated to aid in discussions.

Stevinus Rays

What is the relationship of rays to the surrounds of Stevinus crater? Red lines on rightmost image inserted to give roughly a possible directional source to Stevinus. In relation to LPOD 4 Nov 2009, see Discussions Page.
Left: Clementine image of Stevinus region from Map-A-Planet. Right: Annotated image of same region.

Roof World

The bottom set of images show an aerial view of the south-east section of the Moon; as originally produced by the Minsk imagers -- Yuri Goryachko, Mikhail Abgarian, Konstantin Morozov(see LPOD 23 Jan 2010).
Credit: Top: Original Minsk image (South is top), Bottom: Two images were created from the original using the LTVT software.

Serenitatis Lava Flows

Image below shows lava flows as revealed in 70-cm radar data by the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico. Ref: LPOD March 3, 2010.
Left: Clementine image of Mare Serenitatis from Map-A-Planet. Right: Closeup of the region -- pink box shows Clementine view, inset shows same region in radar (as presented at the 41st LPSC 2010 in Texas.

Texture Puzzle

How, or what, formed the unusual textured material (red box) near the western edge of Lacus Mortis? In reference to LPOD 26 March 2010.
Left: Overhead view of Stefan Lamell's image using the LTVT software.
Right: Geologic View of the same region from LPI.

3D Anaglyph

The two images below were taken at two different librational times of the same region of the Moon. To see a 3D depth effect of features in the images use of the "cross-eyed" technique might work for some observers. In reference to LPOD April 12, 2010.
Image credit: Yuri & the Astronominsk team.

Relief Moon Map

Left: Maurice Collins's relief map of Nearside combining LTVT and LOLA 64 DEM data (South is bottom, East is to left). Right: Selene/Kaguya Grav/Topo map (~38 Mb) as overlay to give some idea of heights involved (see scale). In reference to LPOD April 25 2010 - back to (Discussion link).
Image credit: (Left) Maurice Collins, (Right) Selene/Kaguya.

Funny Face

A funny face on the Moon - as pointed out by Sandi Bandi (face is seen as a profile in the shadow region from Promontorium Kelvin). In reference to Curves LPOD May 9 2010. Back to Discussion's page.
Image credit: Yuri Goryachko, Mikhail Abgarian, Konstantin Morozov

Nectaris Low

Image below shows Selene Top-map overlay on LRO-Data DEM map (created using LTVT). Elevation figure (not to scale) was put in to show a profile-section through the region A - A' (note the scale-bar for rough heights). In reference to Find the Crater - LPOD May 11, 2010. Back to Discussion's page.


To which of the mare-ring formations is responsible for the massif (as noted by Chuck Wood) just west of La Pérouse? In reference to LPOD 1 July 2010.
Credit: Top: Efrain Morales Rivera image. Middle two: (left and right) shows light coming from south-wast approximately perpendicular to the massif's trend. Bottom two: (left and right) shows light coming from the north-east approximately perpendicular to the massif's trend. Both middle and botton image-sets were generated using LTVT and the LDEM 64 data, where the sun angle was approximately set to 1.0 degree constant.