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Lat: 36.8°S, Long: 141.9°W, Diam: 34 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside), Eratosthenian

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(LAC zone 121B4) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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  • Named for James A. Lovell, Jr. (1928-living), an American astronaut. Missions: Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, Apollo 13.This is one of the few lunar features that was named for a living person.
  • This name is one of twelve honoring living U.S. and Soviet astronauts and cosmonauts approved by the IAU in 1970 and published in Menzel, 1971.
  • On the farside map of Hallwag, the name Lovell was erroneously printed at the location of crater Borman. - DannyCaes Jun 19, 2010
  • See also: Bernard Lovell (1913-2012), English physicist and radio astronomer. - DannyCaes Feb 8, 2014

LPOD Articles


James Lovell's missions;
  • Gemini 7:
    SPACE RENDEZ-VOUS; milestone on the way to the moon (by Kenneth F. Weaver), NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, April 1966.
  • Apollo 8:
    A MOST FANTASTIC VOYAGE; the story of Apollo 8's rendez-vous with the moon (by Lt. Gen. Sam C. Phillips), NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, May 1969.