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LPOD Comments

Posting Comments

  • LPOD Comments can be posted either by adding them directly at the bottom of the LPOD page or by using the Discussion tab at the top. Using the "click here" link at the bottom of the page is the preferred way. Both options require a simple one-time registration procedure.

  • IMPORTANT: to make a comment by either means, you have to first "Join" the-Moon Wiki by clicking the Join this space link under the Full Moon icon in the upper left; and your membership has to be approved by one of the organizers (a manual procedure that may take some hours). Once approved, you need to Sign In (using the link in the upper right corner of every Wiki screen). If you are not signed in, you will see a Protected icon next to the title of the LPOD page, and clicking the comment link will generate a "You do not have permission to edit the LPOD XXXX XX, 2008 page" message. To avoid this, please make sure you have both joined this space and signed in.

  • Comments can be signed either by typing your name or by entering a sequence of three consecutive tildes (using the ~ symbol in upper left of keyboard). This will insert your Screen-ID. Entering four tildes will list both your Screen ID and the posting date/time. Since there are many "Johns" and "Jims", etc., the latter methods are the better ones. Other readers can click on it to uniquely identify you (via your member profile), and, should they wish, to send you a private message via the Wiki messaging service.

  • The Wikispaces messaging service is available to all registered members, and represented by a mail (envelope) icon at the top of every page. If you have messages waiting to be read, a number will appear next to the envelope. To send a message, click on the envelope, or (easier) click on any user's Screen-ID icon.

The Nitty-Gritty

  • Joining "Wikispaces" (that is, registering a screen name and password), is a necessary prerequisite to, but different from joining the-Moon Wiki. To verify that your request for membership in the-Moon Wiki has been approved, after Signing in to any Wikispaces page, click the My Account link at the top of any Wiki page. In the left hand panel under My Spaces you should see the-Moon listed. If it hasn't appeared yet, be patient.

Assuming you have joined and signed in, the reason for adding comments to the LPOD page by using the "click here" link at the bottom of the page rather than the Edit tab at the top of the page is that there is a subtle difference between the pages being displayed when you acess the LPOD via the LPOD Index versus the Today's LPOD links in the navigation bar (or elsewhere).

The Today's LPOD link is actually displaying the current day's LPOD inside a mostly blank box (labeled in the upper left corner with the current date). Above the display window you will see the word LPOD (because this is the name of the blank box page). If, on the other hand, you access the same LPOD from the LPOD Index you will see a more complete label at the top: something like LPOD Feb 22, 2008 (because that is how the actual LPOD pages are named), and you will not see the date in the upper left corner of the display window.

You don't want to edit the page that says only LPOD at the top because the comments you post there will be added to the generic blank box display page, rather than to the specific LPOD you are commenting about. Using the "click here" link (if it has been correctly edited) should avoid any uncertainty about this by automatically directing you to the correctly labeled LPOD page no matter how you accessed it.

Note: Occasionally the "click here" link has not been correctly edited and will direct you to an erroneous page. In such cases, simply access the desired LPOD page from the LPOD Index (as described above) and click the Edit tab (visible to registered visitors).

Each page in the-Moon Wiki also has its own Discussion tab. Using Discussion tabs to post comments is less desirable because they are less visible. But if you do wish to do this make sure you are are clicking on the Discussion tab of the page with the complete LPOD identifier at the top (such as LPOD Feb 22, 2008). If it says only LPOD then you are viewing the LPOD through the blank box display page and your comments will be attached to that generic page rather than to the specific LPOD page you are wanting to comment about.