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Lunar Photography and Cartography Committee (LPACC)

(glossary entry)


A user's group formed by NASA in 1974 "to provide sensible guidelines" for lunar mapping (Whitaker, p. 182).

Additional Information

  • Since planetary mapping and naming conventions are established by the IAU, it would appear that this committee could never have had any more than an informal advisory role. - Jim Mosher
  • According to a note by Whitaker, it was the LPACC that convinced the IAU to restrict the Latin feature-type names used on the Moon to a small list.
  • According to Whitaker's book, the name was later changed to Lunar and Planetary Photography and Cartography Committee (LPPACC).
  • It is not clear if the LPPACC continues to exist. There seems to be no record of it after 1978. - Jim Mosher

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