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Isaev - on the NW part of Gagarin's floor

Lat: 17.5°S, Long: 147.5°E, Diam: 90 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_isaev-lo-i_116_m.jpgIsaev.jpg
left: Lunar Orbiter I . right: LROC . Isaev lies inside and attached to the NW rim of Gagarin basin.


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Orbital ITEK-panoramic frames of Isaev and its dark floor, made during the mission of Apollo 17, are online in the LPI's series of Gagarin (Isaev's location is at the northwestern part of Gagarin's floor).- DannyCaes Feb 13, 2010
Southward oblique Fairchild-camera frames of Isaev were also made during Apollo 17, of which frame AS17-M-1567 shows Isaev rightward of centre.
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- A young ray-craterlet, immediately west of Isaev, was frequently photographed during several missions of the Apollo program. One of those photographs is AS08-13-2327(High Resolution), made during the first orbital manned mission of Apollo 8 in december 1968. See also Figures 98/99/100 in Chapter 5, Craters (1/6), NASA SP-362 Apollo over the Moon.
- Other orbital Hasselblads of Isaev's ray-craterlet:
Color frame AS15-97-13156, which was printed near the upper right corner of page 254 in Kenneth F. Weaver's article To the Mountains of the Moon (the mission of Apollo 15) in the National Geographic of february 1972.
Color frame AS17-150-23102, which was printed black-and-white at page 128 in the booklet Geologie auf dem Mond (Geology on the Moon) by J.E.Guest and R.Greeley, and also as Figure 98 in NASA SP-362; Apollo over the Moon.
- Additional research Danny Caes
- If you want to explore this ray-craterlet's dark floor, its chaotic looking inner slopes and boulders, add the coordinates LON: 144.480, LAT: -17.680 (M/PIX: 2) at the lower margin of the LRO's ACT-REACT Quick Map, hit the RECENTER button, and enjoy! - DannyCaes Jun 12, 2011


Aleksei Mihailovich Isaev (October 24, 1908 –June 10, 1971) was a Russian rocket engineer. Although his inventions influenced the design of Glushko's large engines, Isaev was better known for building efficient small rockets. In 1951, his engine powered the R-11 short-range missile, later named the Scud in the West. He designed a series of course-correction engines for Soviet planetary probes, including the KTDU-5 used in the Soviet lunar landers Luna-4 to Luna-13.

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