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Lat: 28.166°N, Long: 34.085°W, Diam: 1.4 km, Depth: 0.177 km, Rükl: 19

external image normal_Isabel_LO-IV-156H_LTVT.JPGisabel-small.jpg
Left: LO-IV-156H Isabel is the crater indicated by the white arrows.
Right: Combined LROC NAC images - M104740941LE and M104740941RE.


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Because Isabel's location is immediately north-northeast of Diophantus, all orbital Apollo photos of Isabel should be online in the LPI's list of Diophantus. However, this list needs further exploration and investigation because not all of the mentioned frames show the Diophantus-Isabel area! - DannyCaes Jun 30, 2012


(LAC zone 39B2) LAC map Geologic map LM map LTO map Topophotomap


Isabel is a somewhat irregularly shaped crater that has received a name only by virtue of its having been labeled on a Topophotomap, and the subsequent adoption of those names by the IAU.
- Jim Mosher

Description: Wikipedia


Additional Information

  • The position and dimensions given in the title line are from that topophotomap as read by LTVT. The depth was read from the highest point on the rim to the lowest point on the floor. On the topophotomap, that deepest point is indicated as falling at 28.162N/34.089W. The official IAU values listed in the Planetary Gazetteer database are: Lat: 28.2°N, Long: 34.1°W, Diam: 1 km.


Spanish female name.

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