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Lat: 4.3°S, Long: 22.6°E, Diam: 40 km, Depth: 1.5 km, Rükl: 46

external image normal_Hypatia_LO-IV-084H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-084H Hypatia is the irregular enclosure in the center with 16-km Hypatia A just outside its southwest rim. 8-km Hypatia F is just inside the middle left margin. 5-km Hypatia B is partially visible below it.


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Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) HYPATIA.--A ring-plain, about 30 miles in extreme length, of very abnormal shape, on the W. side of the Mare, N.N.W. of Theophilus, with a wall rising at a peak on the W. to a height of more than 7,000 feet above a dusky floor, which does not apparently contain any detail. A small crater breaks the uniformity of the border on the E. Beyond the wall on the S.W. lies the fine bright crater Hypatia A, with another less prominent adjoining it on the S.E.

Description: Wikipedia


Additional Information


  • Hypatia of Alexandria; Egyptian mathematician and philosopher (woman)(c. 370-415).
  • This name has continued unchanged since its original usage for this feature on Riccioli's map (Whitaker, p. 218).
  • 2009 movie Agora, about Hypatia's life (by Alejandro Amenabar). See also Bibliography.

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A Tortured Terrain (Hypatia and neighbourhood before local sunset).


- 2009 movie Agora, about Hypatia's life (by Alejandro Amenabar).