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Garavito (and "Rimae Garavito" on its floor)

Lat: 47.5°S, Long: 156.7°E, Diam: 74 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_garavito-clem1.jpgGaravito.jpg
Upper orbital photograph: Clementine .
Lower orbital photograph: LROC (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera). The dark floored satellite crater Garavito Y intrudes into the northern part of Garavito's rim. Note the "cobweb" system of rilles on Garavito's floor.


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The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's close-up of the impressive rille system on Garavito's floor: (local pre-sunset illumination).


(LAC zone 119D4) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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Julio Garavito Armero (January 5, 1865 – March 11, 1920) was a Colombian astronomer. Perhaps his most important work was on celestial mechanics, which turned into studies about lunar fluctuations and their influence on weather, floods, polar ice, and the Earth's orbital acceleration (this was corroborated later). He worked also in other areas such as optics (this work was left unfinished at his death), and economics, by which he helped the country recover from the rough civil war.
Rimae Garavito (an unofficial name for the system of rilles on the floor of Garavito). - DannyCaes Feb 5, 2018

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