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Lat: 16.07°S, Long: 56.76°W, Diam: 31.47 km, Depth: 1.13 km, Rükl: 51

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(IAU Directions) FONTANA.--A noteworthy ring-plain, about 20 miles in diameter, W.N.W. of Zupus, with a bright border, exhibiting a narrow gap on the S. and two large contiguous craters on the N.E. The faint central mountain stands on a dusky interior. On the N. is a large peculiar depressed plain with a gently sloping wall, within which are three short rill-like valleys and a crater.



Additional Information


  • Named for Francesco Fontana (c. 1585-1646), an Italian astronomer who built telescopes which he felt rivaled or exceed those of Galileo. Fontana, a lawyer by trade, published a number of maps of the Moon, including at least 28 illustrations of different phases which Whitaker refers (p. 47 and 49, perhaps unjustly) as "wildly imaginative (and inaccurate!)". Some of his images reportedly appeared in books published by others. - Jim Mosher

LPOD Articles


Fontana in the Sourcebook Project (William R. Corliss)

- In Mysterious Universe, a handbook of astronomical anomalies (1979) :
  • Page 141: The Problematical Satellite of Venus (Observatory, 1884).
  • Page 142: The Supposed Satellite of Venus (Observatory, 1887).

Note: these two articles are from the days when the so-called moon of Venus ("Neith") was a hot topic in the astronomical world.

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