Dorsum Gast

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Dorsum Gast

Lat: 24.0°N, Long: 9.0°E, Length: 60 km, Height: km, Rükl: 23

external image normal_Dorsum-Gast_AS15-M-0582_LTVT.JPG
AS15-M-0582 Dorsum Gast runs north-south through 4-km Aratus D (at center) in this view of the western shore of Mare Serenitatis. At its southern end, Dorsum Gast merges with the east-west oriented Dorsum Buckland. The 4-km crater to the southeast of Aratus D is Aratus C. None of the other craters are named.


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  • Apollo 17's orbital Nikon photograph AS17-159-23930 shows Dorsum Gast in the foreground, and Montes Caucasus at the horizon.
  • Apollo 15's orbital panoramic ITEK-camera frame AS15-P-9356 shows Dorsum Gast and also the craterlet with dark "tongue" (described below).
  • Three of Apollo 15's orbital close-up Hasselblad photographs of this area show a remarkable bright craterlet with unexpected dark "tongue" of ejected material at the southwestern rim of it, located at the southern end of Dorsum Gast. The bright craterlet with dark "tongue" is also mentioned in David Woods's and Frank O' Brien's Apollo 15 Flight Journal, at 196:45:11 Ground Elapsed Time, in the page Orbital Science and Crew Rest. The exact coordinates of that curious craterlet are: 23° North/ 8°40' East. The three Hasselblad close-ups of that curious craterlet are:


(LAC zone 41C2) LAC map Geologic map LM map LTO (north) LTO (south)

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Dorsum Gast

Additional Information

  • Adjacent to the northern part of Dorsum Gast, at 26°30' North/ 8°45' East, is a rimless depression which is mentioned in APOLLO OVER THE MOON: A VIEW FROM ORBIT, Chapter 7: Unusual Features (part 1), Figure 226.
  • Figure 227, in the same chapter, shows Dorsum Gast and the bowl shaped crater Aratus D.
  • Figure 82, in Part 3 of Chapter 4: The Maria, shows the southern part of Dorsum Gast, at 23° North/ 9° East.
  • Research: Danny Caes (the exact location of the rimless depression, and the southern part of Dorsum Gast).


  • Named for Paul Werner Gast (1930-1973), an American geochemist and geologist.
  • The IAU approved the "crater name" Dorsum Gast "as assigned on the moon" for a "dorsum near 24 N, 9 E" in IAU Transactions XVIB (1976). This is presumably a reference to its having been labeled on LTO-41B3, LTO-41C2 and LM-41. The rough position cited is a bit to the southeast of the labeled feature.

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APOLLO OVER THE MOON; A VIEW FROM ORBIT, Chapter 4: The Maria (Part 1), Figure 63.