Dorsum Arduino

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Dorsum Arduino

Lat: 24.9°N, Long: 35.8°W, Length: 107 km, Height: km, Rükl: 19



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- Apollo 15's orbital photography of Dorsum Arduino:
AS15-P-10294 and stereo-companion 10299 (one doesn't have to scroll rightward because the dorsum is already visible near the photographic frame's upper margin).
AS15-P-10296 and stereo-companion 10301 (again, it's not necessary to scroll rightward, the dorsum is already visible near the photographic frame's lower margin).
- Apollo 17's orbital photography of Dorsum Arduino during local sunrise:
AS17-155-23741 (looking northward, the largest one of the depicted craters is Diophantus D).
AS17-P-3124, 3125, 3126 (Dorsum Arduino at right, beyond the central parts of all three frames).
- Research Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 photography: Danny Caes


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Dorsum Arduino

Additional Information

A curious oblong cluster (or chain) of small depressions at the southern part of Dorsum Arduino (northeast of the rare bathtub/peanut-shaped crater Brayley G) is a noteworthy telescopic object! - DannyCaes Aug 27, 2011


Giovanni Arduino (October 16, 1713 - March 21, 1795) was an Italian geologist, known as the father of Italian geology, who introduced the terms Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary in 1760 to classify four broad divisions of the Earth's rock surface, each earlier in deposition.

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