Dorsa Ramsay

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Dorsa Ramsay

(discontinued name?)
Lat: 24.17°N, Long: 38.4°W, Diam: 30.00 km, Depth: km.

Bears no relationship to the crater Ramsay on the farside of the moon (zoomed-out LROC view of Dorsa Ramsay on the nearside). - JohnMoore2



LTO 39B4



Additional Information

The location of Dorsa Ramsay is west of the odd swimming pool shaped crater Brayley G (see Figure 228 in Chapter 7 of NASA SP-362 Apollo Over The Moon: a view from orbit). Chapter 7: Unusual Features (look for Figure 228).
See also (Dorsa Ramsay at left, swimming pool Brayley G at right).


Is Dorsa Ramsay a discontinued name? It is not seen on Chart 19 in Antonin Rukl's Atlas of the Moon.
No trace of Dorsa Ramsay on the nomenclature overlay of the online LROC Act-React Quick Map.

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