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Lat: 35.3°N, Long: 31.1°E, Diam: 29 km, Depth: 1.9 km, Rükl: 14

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Is there a name for the system of rilles on the floor of Daniell? (note: the officially recognized name Rimae Daniell is connected to a whole different system of rilles west-northwest of Daniell).


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Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) DANIELL.--A bright little ring-plain N. of Posidonius. It is connected with a smaller ring-plain on the N.E. wall of the latter by a low ridge.

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  • John Frederic Daniell (March 12, 1790 - March 13, 1845) was an English chemist and physicist. His name is best known for his invention of the Daniell cell, an electric battery much better than voltaic cells.
  • The name Daniell was proposed by W. R. Birt in 1872.
  • Daniell was once called Hencke by J.F.J.Schmidt (possibly Karl Ludwig Hencke (1793-1866); German amateur astronomer and discoverer of asteroids 5 Astraea and 6 Hebe).- DannyCaes May 12, 2013
  • Daniell D seems to have received a new (unofficial) name in october 2009, see LPOD october the 11th, 2009.
  • Daniell Eta and Xi (two hills north of Daniell D) (see Chart 20 in the Times Atlas of the Moon).
  • We need a name for the system of rilles on the floor of Daniell. Not Rimae Daniell because this officially recognized name is connected to the system of linear rilles west-northwest of Daniell.

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  • Schmidt's "Hencke" (Daniell): MAPPING AND NAMING THE MOON, Ewen A. Whitaker (page 224, Appendix L).

Daniell and Daniel
Who was the comet observer once known as Daniel? See page 236 in T.W.Webb's Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes, Volume 1; The Solar System, chapter COMETS (Dover 1962). See also page 311 in Volume 1 of Burnham's Celestial Handbook, about the variable star T Bootis, aka Nova Bootis 1860, very near Alpha Bootis (Arcturus), and a certain Daniel who was one of its many observers (who tried to detect it after it disappeared from view, forgood...) (a lost novastar).
Daniel is (I think) also mentioned in Volume 2 (The Stars) (of T.W.Webb's Celestial Objects), I have to explore each and every page of it...
Aha! Thanks to the German Wikipedia compilers I know more about our Daniel: Zaccheus Daniel, 1874-1964, American astronomer.
- DannyCaes Jul 24, 2015