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Lat: 47.3°N, Long: 174.2°E, Diam: 58 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside), Nectarian

external image normal_chernyshev-large.jpg


Left: Clementine image. Right:Color-coded Topography LAC 32 image from USGS Digital Atlas.


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(LAC zone 32B2) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


On first glance at Chernyshev, one would find it hard to define any apppearance of a rim all around as most regions here have either been obliterated by small impact craters, or accumulation of several impact events particualrly noticed in the southern sectors. As a result, the rim looks well worn down, and most of its history lies in these impacts that occurred later. No signs of terracing is seen, but rather a gradual degree of sloped, eroded material onto the floor - particularly in the southern sector where relatively larger impacts have imparted their ejecta into the floor producing a series of hill and mountains. No peak exists at the central regions of the floor for such a crater, but rather a litter of similarly-sized craters each approximately 5 km in diameter that may not have had anything to do with disintegration or obliteration of a once-existant peak. - JohnMoore2

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Note 1: The Lunar Orbiter link containing V-030-H2 does not have any image-reference to Chernyshev but rather to Chebyshev; where confusion has posssibly occurred between the two.


Nikolaj G.; Soviet rocketry engineer (1906-1963).

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