Catena Taruntius

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Catena Taruntius

Lat: 3.0°N, Long: 48.0°E, Length: 100 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 37

external image normal_Catena-Taruntius_LO-1-031M_LTVT.JPG
LO-I-031M Catena Taruntius can be seen extending diagonally southeast from near the northwest edge of Taruntius T to a point north of the 10-km circular crater Anville (in the lower right). The name Taruntius T refers, incidentally, to the 10-km circle bounded by the parallel low hills (the smaller of two similar-looking semi-circular enclosures in the upper right), and not to the deeply-shadowed 4.4 km circular crater just above it (labeled on AIC-61C as Taruntius TB). Taruntius itself is marked by the sunlit crater rim and floor in the extreme upper left corner. The rather large enclosure marked by the semi-circular hills just below it (near the left margin) was known as Taruntius TA in the System of Lunar Craters, a name that is no longer in use by the IAU. Below that, the 7-km circular crater bisected by the margin is Taruntius B.


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Catena Taruntius

Additional Information


  • Named after the nearby crater. (Taruntius)
  • The name Catena Taruntius was approved "as assigned" in 1985 (IAU Transactions XIXB). No map reference was given, but the name appears on LTO-61C3.

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