Catena Artamonov

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Catena Artamonov

Lat: 26.0°N, Long: 105.9°E, Length: 134 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_Artamonov_LO-V-163M_LTVT.JPGArtamonov.jpg
left: LO-V-163M Artamonov is the pentagonal enclosure to the left of center, with Catena Artamonov forming the diagonal streak to its right. The other IAU-named features in this field are Malyy at bottom center and the scallop-walled 75-km diameter Espin, partially visible in the upper right.
right: LROC


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(LAC zone 46B3) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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Catena Artamonov

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Named from nearby crater (Artamonov)
Artamonov's unnamed companion (an unofficial name or nickname for the officially unnamed pronounced crater at the northern end of Catena Artamonov) (for the LRO's close-up of this unnamed crater, see: ).

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