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Lat: 25.2°N, Long: 105.2°W, Diam: 86 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)



Left Annotated image of Lunar Orbiter LAC 54. Right Color-coded LAC 54 -- both from the USGS Digital Atlas


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(LAC zone 54A4) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


With its worn-down rim (nearly non-existant on its western side), its smoothed-down terraces (on its eastern side), and a central region bearing a series of degraded peaks that take up about a quarter of its floor, Berkner has all the appearance of an old crater. Several small craters ranging from 5 to 15 kilometres lie on portions around the rim as well as on the floor -- the latter of which shows a more hummocky appearance in the sourthern region than in the north. Two craters in which to compare Berkner's appearance would be Robertson just to its south, and Parenago just to its west -- Robertson is of Copernican age (~ 1.1 bn years to present) and looks relatively fresh, while Parenago looks much, much older (age period -- required ???). The Lorentz Basin lies some 400 kilometres in a north-easterly direction away from Berkner while the Orientale Basin lies about 1300 kilometres to its south-east -- both of which may have contributed ejecta deposits and secondary bombardment upon the crater. - JohnMoore2

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  • Lloyd Viel Berkner; American geophysicist (1905-1967).
  • Berkner Room at old LPI building named for him.

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