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Lat: 16.4°S, Long: 154.2°E, Diam: 26 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

LROC Arminski at center, satellites D at right and K below.


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(LAC zone 103A1) LM map LTO map


Arminski lies some 60 km away from the north-eastern rim of Gagarin (~265 km diam.). Its floor, as well as its well-worn rim, is covered with numerous small impact craters, and the north-east section of the crater shows some slump signatures.

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  • Named for Franciszek Arminski (1789-1848), a Polish astronomer .
  • The IAU-approved spelling of this name contains an accented "n" (Armiński) that may not display correctly in Wiki text. Visit the IAU Gazetteer page for the proper representation of this name.
  • This name was among those approved by the IAU "as now assigned and printed on the" LTO charts in 1976. As published in the IAU Transactions the name had no accent marks, even though LTO-103A1 shows it with an accented 'n'.
  • The name apparently entered the IAU Planetary Gazetteer with an accent over the 'i': Armínski.
  • The IAU's 2000 Transactions announce that this is incorrect, and that the accent should be moved from the 'i' to the 'n', however the new name was there published as Armińsky, with a terminal 'y' instead of 'i'. This appears to be a typographical error. In the on-line database, the accent was moved, but the final 'i' was not changed.
  • In Polish, an 'n' with a small forwarding tail over it (as would appear in the 'n' in Armińsky here) is pronounced like the first "n" in "onion", while the 's' also here should be pronounced "shch" like in "fresh chicken." Thus, according to this criteria 'Armińsky' spoken by a Polish person to an English-hearing listener would probably sound like "Ar...Mun...Schkee". - JohnMoore2

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