Appleton-Tsu Basin

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Appleton-Tsu Basin

(unofficial name)

Lat: 149.0°, Long: 27.0°, Main ring diam: 640 km, Depth: 7.4 km, Rukl: (farside)



Visualization of farside Kaguya altimetry data by Michael Zeiler; from LPOD, Nov 23, 2009 On the small image Appleton and Tsu Chung-Chi are indicated by A & T.


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(LAC zone 48B3)

Basin Classification

(description of terms and most numeric basin data from Wood, C.A. (2004) Impact Basin Database)

Certainty of Existence
Wilhelms Age Group
Ring Diameters
Mare Thickness

640 km
mG gravity anomaly


Originally considered to be an outer ring of the Moscoviense Basin, but the Kaguya topography suggests that more likely it is an older basin that Moscoviense formed in. Kaguya scientists found that the thinnest crust on the Moon was at Moscoviense - perhaps that is because Appleton-Tsu previously thinned in it. This also explains why mare lava occurs in Moscoviense, far from any other on the farside.

Additional Information

  • The depth given in the title line is based on the difference between typical heights on the rim in the north and southwest (1741.6 km) and on the floor (1734.1 km).


  • Basins located between craters are given the names of the two opposite craters with a hyphen in between, in this case Appleton and Tsu Chung-Chi.
  • None of the hyphenated basin names are assigned or officially recognized by the IAU.
  • This probable basin was named in the LPOD cited below.

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