Von Behring

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von Behring

Lat: 7.8°S, Long: 71.8°E, Diam: 38 km, Depth: 4.2 km, Rükl: 49

external image normal_von%20Behring_LO-IV-178H_LTVT.JPGvonBehring-WAC-QM.jpg
LO-IV-178H; LRO-WAC mosaic


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- According to chart 49 of Antonin Rukl's atlas, von Behring was once known as Maclaurin F. - DannyCaes May 2, 2011


(LAC zone 81A4) LTO map


Originally a small complex crater with terraced walls and central peak, now the terraces have been smoothed out and the floor shallowed. The smooth material on the east side of the floor is not dark at full Moon and thus is not mare lava, or if it is it is covered by highlands bright material. 

Description: Wikipedia

von Behring

Additional Information

Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
  • Westfall, 2000: 4.2 km


Emil Adolf von Behring (March 15, 1854 – March 31, 1917) was a German bacteriologist and physiologist. Behring was the discoverer of diphtheria antitoxin and attained a great reputation by that means and by his contributions to the study of immunity. He won the first Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1901 for developing a serum therapy against diphtheria (this was worked on with Emile Roux) and tetanus.

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