Gruithuisen 1821

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Gruithuisen (1821)

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Lunar map "after" Gruithuisen, published in 1821(?).
Map courtesy of Jörn Koblitz. Above is a small version of the map. Click here to see it at 300 dpi (1.35 mb):

Additional Information

  • According to Pigatto and Zanini (1999), Gruithuisen's original map was published three times:
  • The last named publication appears to be source of the map by Gruithuisen "published in 1825" shown on page 112, and with a nomenclature overlay on page 113, of Whitaker who says it is an interpretation of the map by Tobias Mayer.
  • The present map appears have been redrawn from Gruithuisen's original at some later date, with the nomenclature possibly copied (with some spelling errors) from, Johann Schröter's version of Mayer's map, except that at #55 the name Schröter ("after Gruithuisen" -- a reference to his "city") is inserted and the remaining numbers are increased by one.

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