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The Modern Moon: A Personal View, Charles A. Wood, Sky Publishing Corp., 2003. ISBN 0-933346-99-9.

Hardcover, 22cm x 30cm, 209 pages.

As the preface puts it: "...this book is geographically organised into scientifically meaningful regions of various sizes and shapes…observable features within [these] are used to explain what…modern studies of the Moon have taught us… This book is…an amalgam for the nonspecialist reader who ideally has a small telescope in the backyard. It is also personal, reflecting my interests and involvement in studying the Moon over four decades…”

The book essentially deals only with the near side.

Additional Information

The inside front cover (west) and facing page (east) each show a 17.5cm diameter hemisphere of the moon on which is delineated the 16 geographic regions described by the book. These are repeated inside the rear cover.

There are Preface, Dedication and Acknowledgement, and Introduction: Learning about the Moon.

Chapters include:
1 Observing the Moon.
2 Impact Craters and Lava Flows.
3-18 The 16 geographic regions, one per chapter.
19 Beyond the Moon.

There are Photograph and Illustration Credits, Selected References, Index of Selected Features, Index of Selected Topics.

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