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Lat: 45.4°S, Long: 63.4°E, Diam: 75 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 68, pre-Nectarian

external image normal_Vega_LO-IV-184H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-184H Named satellite features along the rim of Vega are 11-km Vega G in the upper left, 25-km Vega D and 21-km Vega C on the right, and 30-km Vega B (mostly on the floor of Vega) at the bottom. Deeply shadowed 12-km Vega A is also visible in the lower right.


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(LAC zone 115D4) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) VEGA.--Schmidt represents this peculiar formation, situated S.W. of Oken, as having a regular curved unbroken rampart on the W., while the opposite border is occupied by four large partially overlapping ring-plains, two of which contain small craters. The floor is devoid of detail.

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Additional Information

  • The shadows indicate a depth for Vega of about 3100-3400 m. The shadows in Vega B give a depth of 1500-1800 m.


- Georg Freiherr von; Slovenian-born German mathematician (1754-1802).
- Vega is also the name of the star Alpha Lyrae. See pages 1137 to 1144 in Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Volume 2 (Chamaeleon through Orion).

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