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This sub-page is an exploration of Michel Florent Van Langren's names for small mountains, hills, and hillocks (which received Greek letter designations during the era of Mary Blagg's NAMED LUNAR FORMATIONS). Nowadays these Greek letter designations are not official anymore (digital atlases such as the LROC's Act-React Quick Map don't show them), but... certain printed lunar atlases such as the TIMES ATLAS OF THE MOON (1969) still show many of these designations (unfortunately not all of them).
Now, the nomenclature lists of M.F.Van Langren, J.Hewelcke, and G.B.Riccioli in Ewen A. Whitaker's book MAPPING AND NAMING THE MOON also show a lot of these Greek letter designations. One could only guess how Whitaker got all of these designations. Perhaps from Mary Blagg's N.L.F.?

Wikipedia's king-size scan of Van Langren's map

Michel Florent Van Langren's names and Greek letter designations

Andradae (Mare Crisium Omega) (I did not knew about Greek letter designations related to Mare regions...) (see also Mare Crisium Tau at Van Langren's Torii) (Andradae's location was at the northwestern part of Mare Crisium)
Annae D. Aurel. F. (Caucasus Gamma)
Arati (Plato Tau)
Archimedis (Montes Teneriffe Iota)
Aytona (Montes Harbinger Beta) (seems to have been called Nachara too)
Barlaei (Atlas A or Atlas Alpha)
Benavidi (Gay-Lussac Nu) (?) (Whitaker seems to have been uncertain about that one)
Blancani (Flamsteed Rho, etc.)
Bullialdi (Reiner Gamma) (J.Hewelcke's Mons Audus) (G.B.Riccioli's Galilaeus)
Coci (Montes Teneriffe Delta, etc.)
Conti (Tobias Mayer Alpha)
Cuevio (Montes Harbinger Alpha)
Cusae (Eudoxus Kappa)
D'Auxoni (Montes Recti Beta)
Euclidis (Luther Epsilon)
Garsioli (Kepler Theta)
Giovanelli (Mersenius Zeta)
Grimbergeri (Fra Mauro Sigma, etc.) (Riccioli's Iunctinus)
Guldini (Palmieri Alpha)
Herlici (Hansteen Alpha)
Hypatiae (Sulpicius Gallus Gamma)
Kepleri (Protagoras Zeta)
Laucii (Kepler Gamma)
Lini (Montes Teneriffe Epsilon) (J.Hewelcke's Insula Capraria)
Magini (Liebig Gamma)
Mariannae Imper. F. (Calippus Alpha)
Moreti (Picard Gamma)
Nachara (see Aytona)
Piperii (see Silgero)
Pitati (Pico Beta) (J.Hewelcke's Insula Ebissus)
Quaresini (Lee Eta)
Quesada (Milichius Gamma)
Ricci (Euler Beta, aka Mons Vinogradov)
Schotenii (Montes Recti Epsilon) (?) (Whitaker seems to have been uncertain about that one) (he mentioned it as R.Recti Epsilon)
Seneschali (Alfraganus Alpha)
Silgero (Montes Harbinger Delta and Eta) (seems to have been called Piperii too)
Tacquetti (Promontorium Laplace Alpha)
Thebit (Luther Zeta)
Theresae Hispa. Inf. (Calippus Theta, Eta, and Omega)
Torii (Mare Crisium Tau) (?) (Whitaker seems to have been uncertain about that one) (somewhere at the most northern part of Mare Crisium) (see also Mare Crisium Omega at the top of this list, at Van Langren's Andradae)
Vulleri (Alhazen Alpha)

The Aytona=Nachara / Silgero=Piperii mystery

What happened during the making of Van Langren's map? According to E.A.Whitaker, two sections of the system of mountains officially known as Montes Harbinger seem to have been moved to the northeast and were called Nachara and Piperii. At their "southwest" locations they were called Aytona and Silgero.
Indeed, on Van Langren's map there are two couples of named formations. Couple 1 shows Aytona and Silgero, couple 2 shows Nachara and Piperii.

Johann Hewelcke's names and Greek letter designations

Audus, Mons (Reiner Gamma) (plus Reiner?) (Van Langren's Bullialdi) (G.B.Riccioli's Galilaeus)
Calathe, Insula (Tobias Mayer Beta, Rho, etc.)
Capraria, Insula (Montes Teneriffe Epsilon) (Van Langren's Lini)
Crathis, Mons (Fra Mauro Kappa, Gamma, and Zeta)
Ebissus, Insula (Pico Beta) (Van Langren's Pitati)
Lea, Insula (bright spot at Letronne Pi)
Ophiusa, Insula (Montes Teneriffe Delta, etc.)
Parthenius, Mons (Fra Mauro Zeta)
Pontia, Insula (Wichmann and nearby mountains Gamma, Theta, etc) (called the Leon hills on the moonmap of Rand Mc.Nally)
Rhodus, Insula (bright area at Nicollet, plus Nicollet Delta, etc.)
Strophades, Insulae (Darney Chi, Tau, and Lambda)

Giovanni Baptista Riccioli's names and Greek letter designations

Cusanus (Tobias Mayer Alpha)
Ecphantus (Gruithuisen Gamma and Delta)
Galilaeus (Reiner Gamma) (Van Langren's Bullialdi) (J.Hewelcke's Mons Audus)
Herigonius (bright area at Herigonius Delta)
Iunctinus (Fra Mauro Sigma) (Van Langren's Grimbergeri)
Linemannus (Flamsteed Kappa, etc.)
Milichius (Milichius Alpha)
Moletius (Fra Mauro Lambda)
Origanus (Darney Tau, plus bright spot Darney Chi)
Theaetetus (the "bay" at Calippus Omega)
Timaeus (Plato Psi, etc.)

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