Topsy-Turvy dimple craterlets, looking like small domes

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A mix of common dimple craterlets with (what looks like) bulbous "topsy-turvy" dimple craterlets in between. Because of such an uncommon mix of these two opposite surface formations, it is rather difficult to get (or rather: to feel) the direction of the incoming sunlight

So far, only one region composed of these two opposite surface formations is detected on the LROC's ACT-REACT QUICK MAP, namely the region just north of the bowl-shaped crater Sinas E in Mare Tranquillitatis.
(discovered by D.Caes on the 4th of July, 2017).

Is this sort of surface formation already discovered by someone else? Is it described somewhere? If so, WHERE exactly?

Another kind of small dome-like (or bulbous-like) appearances could be seen on the chaotic floor of Aristarchus.

Danny Caes