The possible swirl field east of Schroter

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It was discovered in January 2016 by Danny Caes while exploring the shadowless Equidistant Cylindrical Projection (albedo chart) of the Act-React Quick Map (LROC site).
This possible swirl field (or swirl cluster) is not an eye-catcher, it does not show the same brightness as, for example, Reiner Gamma.
The location of this possible swirl field is slightly eastward of crater Schroter.
Some of these Schroter-swirls have curious appearances, which means they should be nicknamed according to their distinct shapes.
In this new page, I want to describe the various swirls of this field, with their pinpoint location (Latitude/ Longitude).
- DannyCaes Mar 4, 2017

They should not be confused with the east-southeastern ejectarays from Copernicus. An investigating eye could see the difference between the typical shapes of the rays and of the swirls.

This swirl field is located at an officially unnamed mare-region east of Schroter, west of Pallas D, north of Mosting E, south-southwest of Bode L and Pallas X.
The centre of this swirl field (or what appears to be the centre of it) is marked by the odd formation nicknamed the Gun Carriage by me, see the shadowless shortlink and the Big Shadows shortlink
The brightest section of the Schroter swirlfield is the odd-looking formation which looks somewhat like a pumpjack or a tilted number 1. The location of this Pumpjack or Tilted 1 is slightly east of the Gun Carriage. See shortlink:
Immediately north-northeast of the Pumpjack (aka Tilted 1) is the location of the Lips.
A rather chaotic looking section of this swirl field is the one east-southeast of Schroter U, see shortlink
Another beautiful swirl is the Tilted Stretched M or Short Stairway (going "upward" to the northwest). The location of it is east of Schroter U and its Chaotic Swirl, see shortlink

See also page Swirl (catalog of other swirl fields on the near and far side of the moon).