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Stratification (Dutch: Gelaagdheid) is my somewhat clumsy description of the very weird appearance of certain chaotic regions on the moon's farside. One of those weird regions is the eastern section of the floor of farside crater Compton. To detect this sort of weird chaotic regions, one should explore the "Big Shadows" version of the LROC WAC Mosaic in the Act-React Quick Map.
- DannyCaes Jan 14, 2018


Is there some sort of "tendency" of these weird chaotic appearances to show up only on the moon's farside and at the eastern parts of mare-like crater floors? - DannyCaes Feb 9, 2018

Additional discoveries from John Moore:

Part 2 of this page: small-scale oddities and suspicious boulders

The mystery of the two odd objects at Paracelsus C


  • Credit: Left, shows a General LROC view with lighting conditions coming from the east, while, the middle, shows a NAC M118769870L view with lighting conditions coming from the west (note, while the NAC view originally has north at the bottom, here, it has been correctly orientated, flipped vertically, to have north at top, and east at right). The right-most image shows an Apollo 15 (AS15-P-8873) view. - JohnMoore2
  • Thanks John!!! Indeed very weird! These odd "doodads" are totally new to me!- DannyCaes Feb 8, 2018
  • That's strange. The opposite illumination (sunshine from the east) shows just shadow at the southern one of those two objects. See:

Several "S" shapes and other meandering "shallow rivers" immediately east of Fontenelle

See: (are these some sort of sinuous rilles?).

Part 3 of this page: cobwebs of rilles on shallow dome-like elevations

Certain regions on the moon's near side show some sort of shallow dome-like elevations on which (as it seems) ancient systems of rilles ("cobwebs") were preserved from being erased by surrounding mare material. One could ask the question if there were much more rilles during a certain "pre-mare" era in the moon's history.
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