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Lat: 32.49°S, Long: 54.12°E, Diam: 71.54 km, Depth: 3.82 km, Rükl: 69, Copernican

external image normal_stevinus.jpg

external image normal_stevinus24054.jpg

Left: LROC WAC image – found in the WAC mosaic here.
Right: Eric Soucy, Stevinus and Furnerius, with the pair of high-albedo raycraters Furnerius A and Stevinus A, sometimes called the Headlights.


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Lunar Orbiter 5's Frame 040 shows a close-up of Stevinus, captured near the lower-left corner of the photograph.- DannyCaes Mar 23, 2008


(LAC zone 114B2) LAC map Geologic map



(IAU Directions) STEVINUS.--A somewhat larger ring-plain, S. of Snellius, with a border rising on the S. to more than 11,000 feet above a dark interior, which includes a bright central mountain.



Additional Information


  • Simon Stevin (1548/49 – 1620) was a Flemish mathematician and engineer. He was active in a great many areas of science and engineering, both theoretical and practical. He also translated various mathematical terms into Dutch, making it the only European language in which the word for mathematics ('wiskunde') was not derived from Greek (via Latin).

The Headlights

  • The pair of high-albedo raycraters Stevinus A and Furnerius A are sometimes called the Headlights, see page 20 in the 21st Century Atlas of the Moon by Charles Wood and Maurice Collins.

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Graphic LAC Nos’ No. 98 and No. 114. Excerpt from the USGS Digital Atlas of the Moon.


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