Slightly elevated oblong craterlets

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There's the sort of oblong craterlets on the moon which look like some sort of "boats". They are slightly elevated depressions, usually located near the ends of sinuous rilles. Some of them appear as chains of two to three or more. This page is (or should be) the start of a survey of these oblong depressions

- DannyCaes Nov 18, 2017


- Northwest of Nielsen:
- Southeast of Schroter U:
- In the centre of the triangle Flamsteed, Flamsteed B, Flamsteed F:
- North of Milichius A:
- North of Mosting E:
- South-southeast of Natasha:
- Halfway between Promontorium Laplace and Montes Recti: (once discovered by Maurice J. S. Collins; the co-author of the 21st Century Atlas of the Moon, together with Charles A. Wood).

Not really elevated, but still elongated (ellipsoids):

- West of Letronne F, near the hills Phi and Psi: (this one has an elongated central peak).
- North-northwest of Reiner Gamma:
- West of Krafft U:
- The two "air bubbles" at the most western end of Rupes Cauchy (east-northeast of the couple Sinas H and J).