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REVISED AND EXTENDED ATLAS OF LUNAR SINUOUS RILLES, based on the great catalog compiled by Debra M. Hurwitz, James W. Head, and David A. Kring

- DannyCaes Dec 6, 2017
(thanks Charles A. Wood!)

The Hurwitz catalog (N°1 to N°195) (and... additional sinuous rilles N°196 to N°218, and perhaps also N°219)

1 South of Herigonius H and the "U" shaped or fork-shaped hill (that is: the location of the "first" red colored circle on Debra M. Hurwitz's view of the moon's near side).
Herigonius H was called Herigonius Ee on Chart 80 in the Times Atlas of the Moon.
2 The northern part of Lubiniezky E's discontinuous rim.
3 Northeast of Lubiniezky A
4 South-southeast of Darney B
5 West-northwest of Herigonius F
6 Immediately west-southwest of Herigonius
7 Rimae Herigonius (three entries)
7 A. Probably the part west-northwest of Herigonius K, see:
7 B. Probably the western part of the odd snake-shaped (or "intestine"-shaped) section northeast of Herigonius K, see:
7 C. Probably the eastern part of 7-B.
8 The northern part of Montes Riphaeus
9 About halfway between Flamsteed H and Flamsteed J (immediately east of the unnamed arc-shaped hill south of Flamsteed G)
10 Southeast of Lansberg
11 East-southeast of Lansberg
12 Immediately east of Encke K
13 West of Suess F and the unnamed wrinkle ridge
14 West-southwest of Suess H
15 West of Suess H
16 East of Suess D
17 North-northeast of Maestlin H
18 At the northern part of the rim of Cavalerius
19 East of Reiner
20 North-northwest of Suess K
21 About halfway between Reiner K and Reiner L (north-northeast of Reiner)
22 The northern end of Rima Suess
23 Rima Suess (mentioned as "Seuss") (Suess as "Seuss" is a frequently seen error, see other moonbooks and atlases) (the Times Atlas of the Moon doesn't seem to know Rima Suess, there's nothing of it on Chart 37)
24 The northern end of Rima Suess (the very shallow and very meandering "zig-zaggy" part west of Marius U)
25 Near a flat hill north of Reiner Gamma
26 Rima Milichius
27 South of Rima Galilaei
28 East of the southern end of Rima Galilaei
29 Rima Galilaei (two entries)
29 A and B (it's a mystery why there are two entries at item 29) (Debra Hurwitz's online atlas shows only one red circle here)
30 Marius H at the southeastern part of the rim of Marius (very short broad rille)
31 West-southwest of Marius E
32 Immediately east of Marius
33 East-northeast of Marius (south-southwest of Marius C)
34 Immediately northeast of Marius
35 West-northwest of Marius E
36 Southwest of Galilaei M
37 Immediately east-northeast of Galilaei M
38 Northwest of Galilaei L
39 East-northeast of Galilaei L
40 The "cobra head" of the southern one of the couple of pronounced rilles east-northeast of Galilaei M
41 The short broad rille about halfway between Marius R and Marius C
42 North-northwest of Marius R
43 The "cobra head" of the northern one of the couple of pronounced rilles northeast of Galilaei M
44 North-northeast of Marius R
45 Rima Marius
46 Southwest of Aristarchus S (the very "zigzaggy" looking sinuous rille north of Rima Marius)
47 East of the dome Herodotus Omega
48 The southern part of the "joint" at Eddington / Struve
49 East-southeast of Aristarchus H
50 West-southwest of Herodotus K
51 West-southwest of Herodotus K
52 Northwest of Herodotus
53 Northwest of the western end of Vallis Schroteri (two entries)
53 A and B (it's a mystery why there are two entries at item 53) (Debra Hurwitz's online atlas shows only one red circle here)
54 West of the western end of Vallis Schroteri
55 Vallis Schroteri (two entries) (the red colored circle is positioned at the Cobra Head of Vallis Schroteri)
55 A: probably Vallis Schroteri's broad outer channel which is a very easy target for every kind of telescope.
55 B: probably Vallis Schroteri's thin inner channel which was discovered by the Lunar Orbiter probes (or was it already discovered by ancient dedicated lunar observers?)
56 West of the western end of Vallis Schroteri
57 Southeast of Vaisala
58 Rima Artsimovich (with the southern part of it, once called Rima Gluck on the LTO chart)
59 East of Prinz
60 Rimae Aristarchus
61 Rimae Aristarchus
62 Rimae Aristarchus
63 Rima Prinz
64 Rimae Aristarchus
65 Rima Beethoven (LTO name)
66 Rima Handel (LTO name)
67 Rima Beethoven (LTO name)
68 Immediately southeast of Rima Handel
69 Rima Aristarchus V
70 Rima Telemann (LTO name)
71 Southwest of Montes Harbinger Delta
72 East-southeast of Toscanelli
73 East of Toscanelli
74 The fork-shaped rille northeast of Wollaston P (two entries)
74 A: probably the eastern short section of the fork.
74 B: probably the western long section of the fork (south-southeast of the LTO's Fossa Caruso, see item N°80)
75 Seems to be Number 77 (see at 77)
76 South of Wollaston R
77 North-northeast of Wollaston N
78 Rima Krieger
79 North of Wollaston N (halfway between Wollaston and Wollaston P)
80 The broad rille Fossa Caruso (LTO name)
81 Rima Agricola
82 Rima Cleopatra
83 West of Gruithuisen K (the officially unnamed chain of teardrop-shaped depressions, once photographed by CMP Alfred Worden of Apollo 15)
84 Immediately southeast of the dome Gruithuisen Gamma
85 Rima Mairan / Rima Sharp (three entries)
85 A: Rima Mairan
85 B: Rima Sharp
85 C: Rima Sharp (seems to be just the same as 85-B)
86 Immediately northeast of the dome Gruithuisen Gamma
87 Between Sharp and Sharp A
88 North-northeast of Dechen D
89 North of Louville DA
90 Halfway between Markov G and Harpalus T
91 North-northwest of Bouguer (item N°91 seems to be the most northern one of the moon's sinuous rilles) (perhaps... there are much more examples further up north...)
92 Rima Tobias Mayer
93 Rima Draper
94 Immediately east of Eratosthenes E
95 West of Draper A (the eastern end of Rima Draper) (the position of the red circle on the map is wrong)
96 South of the twin-craters Eratosthenes A and B
97 East of the twin-craters Eratosthenes A and B
98 Rima Conon (is Stefan Lammel's nearby Pi Symbol included in number 98 ?)
99 East-southeast of Wallace
100 Rima Wan-Yu
101 Northeast of Natasha
102 Halfway between Brayley and Brayley B
103 North of Mons Ampere, northwest of Mons Huygens (mentioned as two entries, two "N°103" which are exactly the same, why?)
104 Rima Euler
105 Rima Brayley (mentioned as two entries, two "N°105" which are exactly the same, why?)
106 East of Wallace T
107 North of Wallace
108 South-southwest of Euler E
109 West of Euler (two entries) (Dorsum Thera) (one can't really call N°109 a system of sinuous rilles, they look more like narrow wrinkle ridges, see also item N°111)
110 West of Euler (two entries) (the southern part of Rima Zahia)
111 West of Euler (narrow wrinkle ridges?)
112 Rima Hadley (the red circle of number 112 is located at the weird Bela/Carlos/Jomo/Taizo complex at the southern end of Rima Hadley)
113 Rima Vladimir (with the elongated depression Kathleen at its western end, the red circle of number 113 is located on it)
114 Rima Diophantus (mentioned as two entries, two "N°114" which are exactly the same, why?)
115 Rima Delisle
116 North of Delisle Alpha
117 Southeast of Gruithuisen
118 South of Gruithuisen H
119 South of the "intestine" at N° 120
120 Southeast of Gruithuisen H (the remarkable "intestine")
121 Northeast of Gruithuisen H, west of the hill C.Herschel Epsilon
122 South of the landingsite of Luna 17 with Lunokhod 1
123 Northeast of Mairan A
124 East of Mairan K
125 Immediately east of Promontorium Laplace and Laplace D
126 West of the double crater Plato K and KA
127 West of Promontorium Laplace (near the northeastern part of the inner rim of Sinus Iridum)
128 East of Promontorium Laplace and Laplace D
129 Vallis Alpes (central rille)
130 West of Protagoras E (three entries)
130 A
130 B
130 C
131 Rimae Maupertuis
132 Immediately west of Plato (two entries)
132 A
132 B
133 Rimae Maupertuis
134 Northwest of Plato P
135 Southeast of Laplace M (two entries)
135 A
135 B
136 Northwest of Plato F (two entries)
136 A
136 B
137 Southeast of Bouguer B
138 Rimae Maupertuis
139 Rimae Plato
140 South of the double crater Archytas G
141 (farside) A section of Rimae Pettit? Northwest of Shuleykin
142 West of Eichstadt G
143 Southwest of Lacus Veris
144 Southern end of Lacus Veris
145 Southeast of Kopff C (west of the southern part of Lacus Veris)
146 West of Lallemand
147 West-northwest of Lallemand
148 East of Lacus Autumni
149 Southeast of Maunder B
150 South-southwest of Schluter A (north of Lacus Autumni)
151 South-southwest of Schluter A
152 (farside) South-southeast of Maunder B
153 (farside) West of Maunder B / Northwest of Maunder
154 Rima Jansen
155 Immediately north-northwest of Jansen
156 West of Jansen E
157 Rima Reiko / Rima Marcello
158 Slightly east of the small depressions Isis, Mary, and Robert
159 Rima Carmen
160 West of Dorsa Aldrovandi (called Rima Aldrovandi by D.Caes) (not to be confused with the system of arc-shaped "cracks" immediately east of Dorsa Aldrovandi)
161 West of the curious "smiley" at Posidonius KA (east of Dorsa Smirnov)
162 Rimae Posidonius
163 East of Eudoxus J
164 North-northwest of Plana E
165 (two entries) Diamondback Rille and Sidewinder Rille (NASA names from the Apollo 10 / Apollo 11 heydays)
166 South of the Sidewinder Rille (northwest of Censorinus K)
167 North-northwest of Carrel
168 (farside) On the west part of the floor of Jules Verne
169 West of Schubert C
170 On the southern part of Gaudibert B
171 On the western part of Wurzelbauer's floor
172 East of Mercator
173 Southwest of Lubiniezky
174 Southeast of Lubiniezky
175 East-southeast of Lubbock H (two entries)
175 A
175 B
176 Northeast of Lyot
177 Northeast of Schroter (southeast of Schroter U)
178 On the southwest part of Murchison
179 On the western part of Murchison
180 On the western part of Murchison
181 On the western part of Murchison
182 Between Pallas and Murchison
183 South of Schroter S
184 South of Ukert
185 South of Ukert
186 Rimae Bode
187 Rimae Bode
188 Rimae Bode
189 Rimae Bode
190 South-southwest of Marco Polo C
191 (farside) About halfway between Pavlov M and Jules Verne
192 (farside) Southwest of Thomson V
193 (farside) About halfway between O'Day and Paracelsus M
194 (farside) South-southeast of Paracelsus M (NASA's Vallis Alpha Reed ?)
195 (farside) On the floor of Schrodinger

APPENDIX: additional sinuous rilles, discovered by D.Caes during the exploration of the online Big Shadows map of the entire moon's surface (LROC)

  • 196 - Rima Mees Y (the sinuous rille slightly north of Mees Y).
  • 197 - The system of very shallow zig-zaggy rilles and oblong depressions immediately east of Fontenelle (south-southeast of Fontenelle P).

Number 197 seen in a vertical view toward the nadir:
(note the strange "S" shapes!)

Number 211 is a very narrow sinuous rille. It's interesting to try to detect its most eastern and most western extensions, and where this rille exactly "starts" and "ends".
The eastern "start" seems to be located south of the Valentine dome, near the craterlet once known as Linné AE, see:
The western "end" seems to be located west of the most southern part of Montes Caucasus (once known as Cap Faraday), see:

A meandering lunar sinuous rille, a Coronal suture, a Lambdoid suture, and a Sagittal suture

On the moon there's the sort of meandering sinuous rille which looks very much like the meandering sutures in (or on) a human skull.
The function of a meandering lunar sinuous rille is totally different from that of the Coronal suture, the Lambdoid suture, and the Sagittal suture, but... the similarities in their appearances are striking!
- Coronal suture:
- Lambdoid suture:
- Sagittal suture:

Meaning and origin of the term Meander

For the Moon-Wiki's attempt to create the most complete catalog of concentric, linear and sinuous rilles on both the moon's near and far sides, see: