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Scientific Instruments Module (SIM)

(glossary entry)


The Scientific Instruments Module (SIM) was a compartment in the Service Module (SM) of the Apollo spaceship CSM (Command Service Module). This compartment was called the SIM-bay. In this bay, the High-Resolution cameras (the Fairchild metric/mapping camera and the Itek panoramic camera) were aimed at the moon's surface, while the CMP (Command Module Pilot) operated them and performed a concluding SIM-bay EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity, a "spacewalk") to retrieve the exposed film-rolls.
During the missions of Apollo 15 and 16, a Subsatellite was ejected into orbit around the moon.
There were only three SIMs; aboard Apollo 15, Apollo 16, and Apollo 17 (the three scientific "J"-missions).

Additional Information

An interesting painting of Apollo 15's SIM-bay EVA, performed by CMP Alfred Worden, was included on page 261 of the article TO THE MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON by Kenneth F. Weaver, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC February 1972. Painting by Pierre Mion. - DannyCaes Jan 7, 2008

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The SIM-bay cameras, by Robin Wheeler.