Rough looking hills on smooth Mare regions

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This is the sort of (somewhat dark) hills and hillocks which have very rough appearances, full of depressions and other irregularities. A typical example of such rough hills is Mons Moro in Mare Cognitum

Most of the commonly known hills and hillocks in Mare regions have a somewhat smooth look, as if they were polished by fine sandpaper. Hills such as Mons Moro look quite different.

- Mons Moro (aka Bonpland Psi).
- Northeast of Sinas E in Mare Tranquillitatis:
- Perhaps also Mons Hansteen (aka The Arrowhead).
- The well-known dome field near Marius contains lots of rough hills.

More examples should appear here within a couple of... (?).
- DannyCaes Nov 25, 2017