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Greeley and Batson (eds.): Planetary Mapping (1990)

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This is an excellent compendium of articles, written by experts in their fields, regarding the techniques (and the history of the techniques) used for constructing maps of solar system bodies based on data collected by remote sensing (whether from Earth or space). The information is presented in a very accessible way, and more clearly and concisely than in most other sources. Although all planets are discussed, a large part of each chapter deals with mapping of the Earth's Moon.

Additional Information

  • Table of Contents
    • Introduction 1 -- R. Greeley and R. M. Batson
    • History of planetary cartography 12 -- R. M. Batson, E. A. Whitaker and D. E. Wilhelms
    • Cartography 60 -- R. M. Batson
    • Planetary nomenclature 96 -- M. E. Strobell and H. Masursky
    • Geodetic control 141 -- M. E. Davies
    • Topographic mapping 169 -- S. S. C. Wu and F. J. Doyle
    • Geologic mapping 208 -- D. E. Wilhelms
    • Appendix I: Map formats and projections used in planetary cartography 261 -- R. M. Batson
    • Appendix II: Halftone processes for planetary maps 277 -- J. L. Inge
    • Appendix III: Digital Planetary Cartography 289 -- R. M. Batson
  • It appears that a new 2008 edition is being published.

LPOD Articles


  • Greeley, Ronald, and Raymond M. Batson. 1990. Planetary mapping. Cambridge planetary science series, 6. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. available for preview on Google Books