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Burnham's Celestial Handbook is not only a skywatcher's guide, it is also a wonderful guide for those who want to discover strange words, for example the Japanese word SABI, of which there is no English translation. According to Robert Burnham Jr. it could be described as : A diamond bracelet from Tiffany's might contain no SABI, while a woodcarving by a simple uneducated fisherman might be packed to the (ahem) gills with it. (see pages 1625 and 1626 in Volume 3). In other words, don't spend much time on "expensive" glitter and glamour, because that's just meaningless vanity!
Another interesting word is Spinthariscope, mentioned on page 1703 (Volume 3), see also Wikipedia's Spinthariscope.

For page numbers, see Christof Plicht's and Arndt Latusseck's PDV version of their own Burnham index:

Part 1: A to H
Part 2: I to P

Q (none)
How many names of astronomers and scientists start with Q? I know of only two: Quetelet (crater on the moon's farside) and Quenisset (crater on Mars, Ferdinand Quenisset)

R (Vols 1, 2, and 3)
Raab, S./ Rabe, E./ Rabe, W./ Rakos, K./ Rakowiecki, T./ Rasmusen, N.H./ Rayet, G./ Redman, R.O./ Reeves, John/ Regling, K./ Reglund, Burt/ Reuyl, D./ Rexroth, Kenneth/ Riccioli/ Ricciolus/ Rice, H.S./ Richardson, E.H./ Richaud, Father/ Riegel, K./ Risley, A.M./ Ritchey, G./ Roberts, Dr./ Roberts, Isaac/ Robinson, B.J./ Robinson, T.R./ Rodgers, A.W./ Roemer, E./ Rohlfs, K./ Roman, N.G./ Romer, Ole/ Rosino, L./ Ross, F.E./ Rosse, Lord/ Rossetti, Christina/ Rossi, B./ Rossiter, R.A./ Roxburgh, I.W./ Rubens/ Rubin, V.C./ Rumker, C./ Russell, H.C./ Russell, H.N./ Rustnick/ Ryves, P.M.
Rumker, C. (page 98) seems to be forgotten in C.Plicht's and A.Latusseck's PDF version of their own Burnham index.

S (Vols 1, 2, and 3)
Sadi/ Sadler/ Sahade, J./ Salpeter, E.E./ Sandage, Alan R./ Sanders, W.L./ Sanford, R.F./ Sargent, L.W.L./ Sartori, L./ Savary, M./ Sawyer, H.B./ Scarborough, Sir Charles/ Schaeberle, J.M./ Schatzmann/ Schiaparelli/ Schickard/ Schild, R.E./ Schjellerup/ Schmidt, H./ Schmidt, J./ Schmidt, M./ Schmidt, Maarten/ Schmidt-Kaler, T./ Schoenfeld/ Schonfeld, E. (Prof.)/ Schrick, K.W./ Schuler, W./ Schwab, F./ Schwarzschild, K./ Searle, L./ Secchi, Father/ See, T.J.J./ Seneca/ Sersic, J.L./ Serviss, G.P./ Seyfert, C.K./ Seyffert, O./ Shajn, G.A./ Shakespeare/ Shapley, Harlow/ Sharpless, S./ Shelley/ Shi Huang Ti/ Shields, Wendell/ Shklovsky, I.S./ Sibelius, Jean/ Sidgwick, J.B./ Silbernagel, E./ Simon Marius/ Siodorus/ Slettebak, A./ Slipher, V.M./ Smak, J./ Smart, W.M./ Smith, B.J./ Smith, Graham F./ Smith, H.J./ Smyth, Admiral/ Smyth, Piazzi/ Snowden, M.S./ Socrates/ Solomon, L.H./ Sophokles/ South, J./ Spencer Jones, H./ Spenser, Edmund/ Stebbins, J./ Stephenson, C.B./ Stock, J./ Stoney, Johnstone/ Strand, K.A. Dr./ Stravinsky/ Stromgren, B./ Struve 'the elder'/ Struve, F.G.W./ Struve, Otto/ Sturch, C.R./ Su T’ung-Po/ Svolopoulos, S.N./ Swift, Lewis/ Swope, H.
Sidgwick, J.B. (page 74) seems to be forgotten in C.Plicht's and A.Latusseck's PDF version of their own Burnham index.

T (Vols 1, 2, and 3)
Tai T'ung/ Taipa, S./ Tammann, G./ Tao Yuan Ming/ Taras/ Taylor, B.F./ Taylor, D.J./ Tempel, W./ Temple, Robert K./ Tennyson/ Terzian, Y./ Thackeray, A.D./ Thayer, W.R./ Theodomir/ Theodor, Pieter/ Thomas, Bruce/ Thomas, Edith/ Thomas, H.L./ Thomas, N.G./ Thompson, A.J./ Thoreau, Henry David/ Thutmose III., Pharaoh/ Tolkien, J.R.R./ Tombaugh/ Topelius, Zachris/ Trimble, Virginia/ Trumpler, R.J./ Tu Fu/ Turner, B.E./ Tutankhamon/ Tycho (Tycho Brahe)
Thomas, Bruce (page 1), Thompson, A.J. (page 74), and Thoreau, Henry David (page 97) seem to be forgotten in C.Plicht's and A.Latusseck's PDF version of their own Burnham index.

U (Vols 1, 2, and 3)
Ulugh Beigh (also mentioned as Ulug Beg)/ Underhill, A.B.

V (Vols 1, 2, and 3)
van Biesbroeck/ van Bueren, H.G./ van de Kamp, P./ van den Bergh, S./ van den Bos/ van Gent, H./ Van Gogh, Vincent/ van Hoof, A./ van Maanen, A./ Vasilevskis, S./ Veca, G./ Venator, Nicholas/ Veronese/ Virgil/ Vogel, H.C./ von Hagen, V.W./ von Hahn, F./ Voroncov-Vel’jaminov, B.A.

W (Vols 1, 2, and 3)
Wachmann, A.A./ Wachmann, A./ Wade, C.M./ Wagner, Richard/ Walker, E.C./ Walker, M.F./ Wallenquist, A./ Wallerstein, G./ Walraven, T./ Walsh, D./ Wang Wei/ Warner, Deborah J./ Watson, R./ Watts, Alan/ Weaver, H.F./ Webb, T.W. (frequently mentioned throughout Vols 1, 2, and 3)/ Wegner, W./ Wehinger, P.A./ Wells, L.D./ Wendell, O.C./ Weng Ying/ West, F.R./ Whipple, F.L./ Whitford, A.E./ Whitman, Walt/ Whitney, W.D./ Widing, K.G./ Wierzbinski, S./ Wild, P.A./ Willetts, William/ Williams, A.D./ Williams, A.S./ Williams, I.P./ Williams, J.O./ Williams, T.B./ Wilson, A.G./ Wilson, H.C./ Wilson, J.M./ Wilson, John A./ Wilson, O.C./ Wilson, R./ Wilson, R.E./ Winlock/ Winnecke/ Wolf, C./ Wolf, M./ Wooley, R./ Woolf, N.J./ Woolley/ Wordsworth, William/ Worley, C.E./ Wright, E.L./ Wright, K.O./ Wright, Thomas (of Durham)/ Wu Tao Tzu/ Wylie, C./ Wyller, A.A.
Watts, Alan (page 97) seems to be forgotten in C.Plicht's and A.Latusseck's PDF version of their own Burnham index.

X (none)

Y (Vols 1, 2, and 3)
Young, A./ Young, C.A./ Young, Edward

Z (Vols 1, 2, and 3)
Zach, Baron von (de)/ Zebergs, V./ Zellner, B./ Zhevakin, S.A./ Zinner, E./ Zuckermann, B./ Zwicky, F.

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