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Lunar (& Planetary) Science and Engineering

at 18

Notre Dame, IN


The 18 research group is focused on understanding the geologic origin and evolution of bodies in our solar system by using a combination of laboratory, theory, and remote sensing techniques. Major strengths include petrology and geochemistry. 18 is home to the Midwest Isotope and Trace Element Research Analytical Center (MITERAC).

More Information

Potential graduate and post-graduate students interested in research opportunities at 18 are welcome to contact the faculty directly. Accommodations may be made for high school and college students interested in internship opportunities in planetary science. General research topics of interest include:

Clive R. Neal
  • Origin and evolution of the Moon
  • Mare basalt petrogenesis through crystal stratigraphy
  • Formation of impact melts
  • Geophysical instrumentation and investigations of the Moon
  • Origin and evolution of large igneous provinces
  • ICP-MS (single- and multi-collector) analytical techniques


Clive R. Neal
Midwest Isotope and Trace Element Research Analytical Center
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences