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North Ray (aka North Ray Crater) (Apollo 17 site craterlet name)

Lat: 8.8°S, Long: 15.5°E, Diam: 1 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 45, Copernican

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Apollo 16 Site Traverses Chart


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Mike Constantine's assembled panorama of North Ray crater (left), the Big Black Boulder in front of the Smoky mountains (central), and Charles Duke near the Lunar Roving Vehicle (right).
- North Ray's interior (its chaotic inner slopes and floor) could be investigated at LON: 15.485 / LAT: -8.819 (2 M/PIX) in the LRO's ACT-REACT Quick Map. - DannyCaes Jun 26, 2011


(LAC zone 78D2) LAC map Geologic map LM map LTO map Topophotomap 78D2/S1


North Ray is one of the high-albedo ray craterlets near Apollo 16's landing site which are already observable through common telescopes. The best time to observe both ray craterlets (North Ray and South Ray) is during Full Moon. It is not known if the much smaller Baby Ray (near South Ray) is also detectable through powerful telescopes. A good specialist of telescopic Hi-Res webcam photography could come up with the answer...

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North Ray crater (correct link)

Additional Information

  • The Landing Site Name North Ray is plotted on Site Traverses chart 78D2S2.
  • Astronauts John Young and Charlie Duke (Apollo 16) visited a huge boulder on the southeastern part of North Ray's rim. They called that boulder House Rock (or Big Black Boulder).
  • AS16-106-17336 shows John Young and the "Big Black Boulder" in the distance. On this photograph, less than the upper half of the boulder is visible!
  • AS16-116-18603 is a color Hasselblad of the boulder. The vertical streaks are photographic blemishes.
  • AS16-106-17344 is one of the few close ups of that boulder. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to explore all sides of it.


Astronaut-named feature, Apollo 16 site.

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House Rock (the "Big Black Boulder") on the southeastern part of North Ray's rim, visited by John Young and Charlie Duke of Apollo 16.
How old is this crater? (oblique LRO-view of North Ray Crater).

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How Young is Young? (North Ray Crater and House Rock).


  • Apollo 16's John Young and Charlie Duke at North Ray crater and "House Rock":
    • EXPLORING THE MOON: the Apollo expeditions, by David M. Harland (Springer, 1999).
    • APOLLO LUNAR SURFACE JOURNAL (Eric M. Jones and the Apollo astronauts).