Mysterious names on Rand Mc.Nally's moonmap

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Mysterious names on Rand Mc.Nally's moonmap

(and on the 6-part moonmap in Patrick Moore's Atlas of the Universe, 1983)
An alphabetical list of non-IAU nomenclature of which the origin and/or history is unknown.
Names detected by Danny Caes

- Andreus hills (the cluster of low hills and hillocks east of Gassendi and west of NASA's The Helmet) (Rukl: 52) (this cluster of hills is also called the Gassendi archipelago by Bob Pilz) (the name Andreus hills was also printed on the 1994 edition of Philip's moonmap).
- Golubiz cluster (the cluster of hillocks between Campanus and Kies) (Rukl: 53) (the name Golubiz cluster is the only name which was not printed on the map in Patrick Moore's Atlas of the Universe).
- Leon hills (the bay-shaped crater Wichmann R) (Rukl: 41) (is this name perhaps a derivation of J.Hewelcke's Insula Lea?).
- Loro basin (the somewhat flat region east of Parrot C and west of Airy, in which a less-known swirl formation is located) (Rukl: 55) (Parrot C was once called Millas by H.P.Wilkins).
I see on SLC-map C6 the circle-shaped remains of what seems to be an ancient crater about halfway between Airy and Arzachel. This could be the same formation as Rand Mc.Nally's Loro basin.
- Lothrop hills (also called the Euler group by Harold Hill, and the Scattered hills by Leland Copeland) (the cluster of hills and craters near Euler, of which Mons Vinogradov is the most pronounced member) (Rukl: 19) (the name Lothrop hills was also printed on the 1994 edition of Philip's moonmap).
- Mishqui basin (the somewhat flat region south of Mare Crisium, north-northeast of crater Abbot) (Rukl: 37 and 38).
- Mitika peak (the hillock Jansen Alpha between Jansen F (Cajal) and Jansen K) (Rukl: 36).
- Morotcha (a craterlet or hillock (??) at the northern part of Mare Vaporum) (Rukl: 22).

It would be great to get more info on the persons (or terrestrial regions?) once known (or still known?) as Andreus, Golubiz, Leon, Loro, Lothrop, Mishqui, Mitika, and Morotcha....

Less mysterious names on the same moonmap:

- Antoniadi (west of Hecataeus) (Rukl: 60).
- Cape Plato (north of Plato) (Rukl: 4).
- Carpathian plateau (west of Copernicus).
- Gambart hills (near Gambart) (Rukl: 31 and environs to the south).
- Lower Alps highlands
- Lower Apennine highlands
- Northern highlands (the cratered regions north of Mare Frigoris).
- North Riphaeus range (at Montes Riphaeus) (Rukl: 41 and 42).
- Philolaus escarpment (southeast of Philolaus) (Rukl: 3).
- Plato uplands
- Rock mountains (this is a typographical error on the map, it should be ROOK mountains!).
- Schroter hills (near Schroter) (Rukl: 32).
- Southern highlands (the cratered regions around Tycho).
- Stadius craterlets (near and at Stadius) (Rukl: 32).
- Stag's Horn mountains (the southern "appendix" at Rupes Recta) (Rukl: 54).
- Taenarium range ( the hilly region east of Promontorium Taenarium) (Rukl: 54).