Montes Recti

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Montes Recti

(current IAU name; former IAU name: Straight Range)

Lat: 48.0°N, Long: 20.0°W, Diam: 90 km, Height: 1.8 km, Rükl: 11

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Oliver Pettenpaul


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(LAC zone 12D4) LAC map Geologic map


Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) THE STRAIGHT RANGE.--To the west of The Teneriffe Mountains lies another group of a very similar character, called the The Straight Range from its linear regularity. It extends from east to west for a distance of about 60 miles, being a few miles shorter than the last, and includes a peak of 6,000 feet.

Description: Wikipedia

Montes Recti

Additional Information

  • Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
    • Viscardy, 1985: 1.8 km
    • Cherrington, 1969: 2.01 km
  • Montes Recti Epsilon (longitude -21.570, latitude 48.417) is measured as having a height of 2400m (Boint, 2001). - fatastronomer
  • Profiles and measurements of Montes Recti were published by Steve Boint in the Spring 2007 issue of Selenology: Journal of the American Lunar Society. - fatastronomer
  • Curious "boat"-shaped formation to the west of Montes Recti, see LPOD A Boat upon the Sea (discovered by Maurice Collins).
  • A ghost crater was found by Aleksander Božič just 65 km south of Montes Recti west part. (west of Laplace F).


- Latin for "straight range".
- Called Insula Majorca by J.Hewelcke (Hevelius).
- The system of wrinkle ridges immediately south of Montes Recti is unofficially called Dorsa Recti by - DannyCaes Sep 10, 2011.
- Montes Recti Beta was Van Langren's D'Auxoni (see also the strange case of Montes Recti B/ Beta/ B below).
- Montes Recti Epsilon was Van Langren's Schotenii.

Montes Recti B, Beta, and... B

- The location of the crater Montes Recti B, as mentioned in the alphabetic gazetteer of THE CLEMENTINE ATLAS OF THE MOON (B.Bussey/ P.Spudis, Cambridge University Press, 2004), is partly wrong because the corresponding LAC map in which Montes Recti B is shown "is" LAC 64 ("is", because this LAC map shows the eastern limb region of Mare Marginis and Mare Smythii !!!!!). The same error is repeated in the revised edition of 2012 (it should be LAC 12; the region of Plato).
Now, while looking at Chart 8 in the TIMES ATLAS OF THE MOON, I see a Greek letter BETA at the easternmost part of Montes Recti, together with a common letter B for the crater in that part, and also the name Montes Recti B. The westernmost part of Montes Recti shows a dotted line without Greek letter. Is this part perhaps Montes Recti Beta? Or Montes Recti Epsilon? (see Additional Information above). Looks like there was some confusion when the TIMES atlas was compiled way back in the days of the late sixties.
- DannyCaes Sep 23, 2015

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