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H. De Meyer/ T. Dethier: MAANMONOGRAFIEEN (Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde, 1969-1988)

(glossary entry)


The 1969 version

  • The 1969 version of MAANMONOGRAFIEEN (by Flemish moonconnoisseur Harry De Meyer) was much more intended to be a guide for telescopic observers of the moon. All sorts of drawings (by Harry De Meyer himself) and telescopic observing reports accompanied the descriptions of the named lunar surface formations. Contains many discontinued names from H.P.Wilkins and P.Moore. Unfortunately, Harry De Meyer's MAANMONOGRAFIEEN was a collection of stencil'd paper (a very limited edition).

The 1988 version

  • The 1988 version of MAANMONOGRAFIEEN (by Flemish planetary scientist Tony Dethier) was some sort of appendix to Antonin Rukl's pocketbook MOON, MARS, AND VENUS (Hamlyn, 1976), because none of the additional Apollo-related names which appeared in Rukl's larger ATLAS OF THE MOON (1990) were included in Tony Dethier's MAANMONOGRAFIEEN. I think Rukl's pocket-atlas MOON, MARS, AND VENUS was the major source during the assembling of the 1988's MAANMONOGRAFIEEN. Tony Dethier's MAANMONOGRAFIEEN is not a very good source for telescopic observers of the moon (too much "cold" text), however, Tony included many discontinued names from H.P.Wilkins and P.Moore, and also many Greek letter designations for domes, hills, hillocks, and small peninsulae, which are interesting targets for those who want to know a bit more about the existence of this kind of (discontinued) lunar nomenclature (see also Mary Blagg's NAMED LUNAR FORMATIONS). It is sad, to know that the Greek letter designations are not recognized by the International Astronomical Union. They could be very good signposts on the online ACT-REACT QUICK MAP of the LROC site!


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