Lunar Zodiacal Light

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The phenomenon Lunar Zodiacal Light is mentioned in Mysterious Universe, a handbook of astronomical anomalies (William R. Corliss, The Sourcebook Project, 1979).

The preliminary list below shows some articles in which this phenomenon is described.
  • The Moon's Zodiacal Light (L.Trouvelot, American Journal of Science, 1878) (page 161 in Mysterious Universe).
  • Moon's Zodiacal Light (E.S.Holden, American Journal of Science, 1878) (page 162 in Mysterious Universe).
  • Zodiacal Light Section, Interim Report (P.B.Molesworth, Journal of the British Astronomical Association, 1900) (page 359 in Mysterious Universe: Influence of the Moon and Brighter Planets).
  • Zodiacal Light Notes (W.E.Glanville, Popular Astronomy, 1930) (page 361 in Mysterious Universe: Moon Zodiacal Light).
  • The Zodiacal Band (R.B.Bousfield, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1934) (page 363 in Mysterious Universe: Lunar Zodiacal Light).

The commonly known Zodiacal Light (which could be observed before dawn in the eastern sky and after dusk in the western sky) :

See also: Kordylewski Cloud :

  • Zodiacal Band (George S. Mumford, Sky and Telescope, 1967) (Kazimierz Kordylewski and the mottled appearance of the Zodiacal Band at the Lagrangian Triangular Points L4 and L5).
  • Non-USGS scientists, including Charles Wood of LPL, also attempted unsuccessfully to photograph the Kordylewski clouds (see note 22 on page 382 of the book TO A ROCKY MOON by Don E. Wilhelms).