Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Near Side of the Moon

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Volume 1: the moon's near side (2005)

Volume 2: the moon's far side (2008)

Charles J. Byrne: Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Near Side of the Moon (2005)

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This book, prepared by a veteran of the Lunar Orbiter missions, features his reprocessed and de-striped versions of the original images of the nearside of the Moon, each presented both with and without nomenclature, and with the author's commentary about the significance of the geologic features shown within them. The images are organized into eight regional groupings. Includes a brief introduction about the mission and the Moon.

Additional Information

  • The Table of Contents is available on the Springer website.
  • Accompanied by a CD-ROM containing Byrne's processed versions of all high and medium resolution frames from Lunar Orbiter IV, an index to IAU names, and additional notes.
  • It might be noted that like the Clementine Atlas of Bussey and Spudis, this is a private work and should not be taken as an authoritative documentation of IAU nomenclature. - JimMosher

LPOD Articles

Look Ma, No Lines!


Charles J. Byrne: The Far Side of the Moon, a Photographic Guide (2008)

On Friday the 1st of December 2017, our connoisseur of lunar books, lunar atlases, and lunar globes (D.Caes) discovered Charles J. Byrne's second Lunar Orbiter book (The Far Side of the Moon) in his hometown's most popular second hand bookstore (boekhandel De Slegte).
He could not resist...
A description of this book (or many descriptions and notes) should appear here within days or weeks, after careful examination...

Typo errors

While browsing through this book, several typographical errors immediately "pop'd up" (named lunar formations)
Page 23: Al-Khwartzimi / Sklowdowska
Page 24: Scklowdowska
Page 25: Al-Khwartzimi
Page 27: Isaeve
Page 29: Coriolus
Page 36: Barndard D
Page 56: Crooks
Page 60: (Garrrick-Bethell) (this typo error is not related to named lunar formations)
Page 65: Holetscheck
Page 66: Resnick (on this page, Charles J. Byrne mentioned the names Aldrin, Armstrong, and Collins as craters near or at the farside's Apollo-basin, which is an error, because their location is at the southern part of Mare Tranquillitatis, on the moon's nearside, north of Statio Tranquillitatis; the landingsite of Apollo 11)
Page 68: The exact location of crater Grotrian on the moon seems to be a difficult topic, because the chart on page 68 in The Far Side of the Moon shows the name Grotrian at the location of the crater which is officially known as... Sikorsky! On that chart, the crater which is officially known as Grotrian doesn't seem to have a name. But... that's not all, because on that same chart, the crater which is officially known as Chamberlin received the name Moulton, the crater which is officially known as Moulton received the name Sikorsky, and the crater which is officially known as Kimura received the name Van Wijk, while the crater which is officially known as Van Wijk is just nameless...
Page 72: Grommelin
Page 75: The Clementine photograph on this page shows a "lost" 55 S
Page 76: Faustin / Delgerlache / Schoenberger / Sikorsky-Rittenhause Basin
Page 78: Schoenberger (not really an error)
Page 80: Vertragt / Zwicki
Page 82: Hopmannn
Page 83: Cabannnes / Nishna
Page 88: Aminski
Page 91: Daedelus U
Page 94: Freundlich-Sharanov Basin / Birkoff
Page 97: Lomonosove / Olcot / Seges
Page 100: Freundlich-Sharanov basin
Page 101: Erlicht (Ehrlich)
Page 112: Von Neuman
Page 124: Southpole-Aitkcen basin / Sommerfield
Page 135: Minkkowski
Page 137: Lucritius
Page 142: D'Alemebert
Page 143: Orientlale / Kovaleskaya
Page 145: Petropavloskiy
Page 147: Hertzberg basin (Hertzsprung basin)
Page 152: Kleymanov
Page 153: Bhaba
Page 156: Bhaba
Page 159: Baldett / Lippman
Page 174: Montes Cordillara / Onar Khayyam
Page 176: Kopf
Page 177: Montes Cordellaris (Montes Cordillera)
Page 178: Guthnik

Typo errors in the General Index (pages 207-208)

Gargatuan Basin
Tsiolkovsy, Konstantin E.

Typo errors in the index of annotated features (pages 209 to 212)

Catena Kurchalov
Daedelus U
Lacus Solitudinus

Typo errors in the index of far side features that are not annotated (page 213)

Note: this kind of moonbooks have many white unprinted pages in them. The scientific value of such books is always increasing when the owner of such a book does something with these white unprinted pages (it's that very powerful urge to fill them up). The very creative individual (such as I am one) could use these pages to make (for example) handy catalogues of less-known lunar surface formations. I have the whole catalog of Debra Hurwitz's Sinuous Rilles on the first two white unprinted pages of Byrne's Volume 2.
- DannyCaes Jan 20, 2018