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List of Lunar Maria

external image Moon%20Maria%20800.jpg
Enrique Luque Cervigón A labeled view the nearside maria

IAU-named Lunar Maria

Mare Anguis
Mare Australe
Mare Cognitum
Mare Crisium
Mare Fecunditatis
Mare Frigoris
Mare Humboldtianum
Mare Humorum
Mare Imbrium
Mare Ingenii (on the moon's far side)
Mare Insularum
Mare Marginis
Mare Moscoviense (on the moon's far side)
Mare Nectaris
Mare Nubium
Mare Orientale
Mare Serenitatis
Mare Smythii
Mare Spumans
Mare Tranquillitatis
Mare Undarum
Mare Vaporum
Oceanus Procellarum

Historical, discontinued names

Michel Florent Van Langren's (Langrenus's) nomenclature

Mare Astronomicum (Mare Frigoris).
Mare Austriacum (Mare Imbrium).
Mare Belgicum (Mare Tranquillitatis).
Mare Borbonicum (Mare Nubium).
Mare Caspium/ De Moura (Mare Crisium).
Mare de Popoli (the southwestern part of Mare Nubium and Palus Epidemiarum) (on Van Langren's map mentioned as Mare de Popo at north, and li at south).
Mare Eugenianum (Mare Serenitatis).
Mare Langrenianum (Mare Fecunditatis).
Mare Venetum (Mare Humorum).
Oceanus Philippicus (Oceanus Procellarum).

Johann Hewelcke's (Hevelius's) nomenclature

Mare Adriaticum (Sinus Medii and southeastern Sinus Aestuum).
Mare Aegyptiacum (part of southern Oceanus Procellarum).
Mare Caspium (Mare Fecunditatis).
Mare Creticum (probably near Bullialdus).
Mare Eoum (western part of Oceanus Procellarum).
Mare Hyperboreum (Mare Frigoris).
Mare Mediterraneum (Mare Imbrium, Mare Nubium, and eastern Oceanus Procellarum).
Mare Mortuum (low-albedo floor of Pitatus).
Mare Pamphylium (southern part of Mare Nubium).
(mare) Pontus Euxinus (Mare Serenitatis and Mare Tranquillitatis).
Mare Syrticum (southwestern corner of Oceanus Procellarum).

Julius Heinrich Franz's nomenclature

Mare Aestatis (Lacus Aestatis)
Mare Autumnis (Lacus Autumni or Lacus Autumnae)
Mare Hiemis (the dark floor of Schluter)
Mare Novum (the dark floor of Joliot)
Mare Parvum (possibly the dark centre of the Mendel-Rydberg basin)
Mare Trans Hahn (possibly the dark streak across the floor of Hahn)
Mare Veris (Lacus Veris)

Mare Struve (Lacus Spei)

Unofficial names

Mare Exploratum (Gerard P. Kuiper's proposed name for the area which became known as Mare Cognitum, see page 174 of E.A.Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon).
Mare Pacificus (also called Orientale dark mantle ring deposit).

Mare-like regions in craters on the moon's far side

Isaev crater, a mare puddle on the lunar farside (Lunar Image of the Week, 07/29/2008, Apollo Image Archive, Arizona State University).
Langemak crater: window into the ancient lunar crust (Lunar Image of the Week, 08/12/2008, Apollo Image Archive, Arizona State University).