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Schimerman: Lunar Cartographic Dossier (1973)

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This loose-leaf collection edited by Lawrence A. Schimerman documents the lunar mapping efforts undertaken by the Defense Mapping Agency (and its predecessors) on behalf of NASA. In addition to thoroughly documenting each map series, the collection includes excellent overview sections describing lunar control networks and the history of lunar mapping through about 1960 and the IAU nomenclature through 1973.

Additional Information

  • The 1973 version of the Dossier is available on-line (45 MB PDF file) in the reference section of most pages of the LPI Lunar Map Catalog.
  • The sections describing the map series available in the LPI on-line catalog can generally be downloaded separately in the References section on the main page for that series.
  • The section “Lunar Photography” contains a very useful and comprehensive series of Index Maps showing exactly which areas of the Moon’s surface were documented photographically by all US space missions through Apollo.

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Schimerman, Lawrence A., ed., 1973, Lunar Cartographic Dossier, Volume I, NASA and the Defense Mapping Agency, St. Louis, Missouri. With changes and additions to 1977 July. (approx. 359 pp)