Lacus Timoris

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Lacus Timoris

Lat: 38.8°S, Long: 27.3°W, Diam: 117 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 63

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Lacus Timoris

Additional Information

Clair-Obscur phenomena

  • When the morning terminator runs at 24 degrees WEST, every dedicated telescopic observer of this part of the moon could see a curious Clair-Obscur phenomenon between Lacus Timoris and Epimenides. This Clair-Obscur phenomenon looks like an equilateral triangle made of three bright starlike dots.
  • At the same moment of the above mentioned Clair-Obscur phenomenon, the shadow spire of the small hill north of the bowl-shaped crater Darney runs all the way toward the crater Darney C west of Darney itself (which is a good indicator to look for the Clair-Obscur phenomenon at Lacus Timoris!).
  • One should also observe Promontorium Banat, which is already illuminated by the sun while the sunrise terminator is still eastward!
  • Sunrise terminator runs between Promontorium Laplace and Helicon.
  • Clair-Obscur phenomena discovered by Danny Caes at the Public Observatory of Ghent - Belgium. - DannyCaes Aug 21, 2015


"Lake of Fear".

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