Lacus Odii

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Lacus Odii

Lat: 19.0°N, Long: 7.0°E, Diam: 70 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 23

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- Apollo 17's orbital color Hasselblad camera photograph AS17-153-23575 shows Lacus Odii below the centre of the frame. North is rightward, the camera was looking westward.
- Apollo 17's oblique southward looking Fairchild camera photograph AS17-M-2424 shows Lacus Odii near the frame's centre.
- Research Danny Caes


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Lacus Odii

Additional Information

In this region, near (and west of) the Montes Haemus, the orbiting astronauts of Apollo 17 noticed lots of orange and brick-red colored spots. Harrison "Jack" Schmitt's description of the Orange Moon ("Yes, we are observing an Orange Moon") is mentioned in NASA's Apollo 17 Preliminary Science Report.


"Lake of Hatred".

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APOLLO OVER THE MOON; A VIEW FROM ORBIT, Chapter 3: The Terrae (Part 1), Figure 36 (Montes Haemus).