Lacus Bonitatis

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Lacus Bonitatis

Lat: 23.2°N, Long: 43.7°E, Diam: 92 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 25

external image normal_lacus-bonitatis-clem1.jpg
Large crater near the frame's lower right corner is Macrobius.


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- Lacus Bonitatis was captured at centre of Apollo 17's oblique north-looking Fairchild camera frame AS17-M-0930.
- A curious ray-craterlet at the southern part of Lacus Bonitatis (between Esclangon and Macrobius), surrounded by a bright "butterfly"-shaped ejectablanket, was captured in Apollo 15's orbital Hasselblads AS15-87-11700, AS15-94-12762, and Apollo 17's AS17-153-23467. See also: Additional Information, below.
- Research Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 photography: Danny Caes


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Lacus Bonitatis

Additional Information

- Rare "winglike" bright ejectablanket around an elliptical craterlet at the southern part of Lacus Bonitatis; see Figure 113 in Page 2 of Chapter 5 (Craters) of NASA SP-362 Apollo Over The Moon; A View From Orbit. - DannyCaes May 15, 2011
- Apollo 15's panoramic ITEK-camera frame AS15-P-9254 (mentioned in Apollo Over The Moon) shows the described bright "wings" near the frame's upper margin, a little bit beyond (to the right of) the frame's central part.- DannyCaes May 15, 2011
- In frame AS15-P-9261 it is captured near the frame's lower margin, and also a little bit beyond (to the right of) the frame's central part.
- In the LPOD Little but good (an excellent high-sun photograph of the Lacus Bonitatis region, by Dmitry Makolkin) the rare "winglike" ejectablanket is visible at the centre of the line between the bright crater Hill and the most southern part of Macrobius's rim (on Dmitry's photograph, the "winglike" ejectablanket looks like a white speck).- DannyCaes May 15, 2011


"Lake of Goodness".

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- Little but good