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Again, another new experimental page... to try to create some sort of moonobserver-friendly overview of the many RDR Products which are online in the LROC site. Of course, the products which show odd features on the moon's near side are the most interesting ones!

What is RDR? Reduced Data Record.

See, for example, the first 10 images at the lower half of this page: LROC RDR Product Select

Negligence, or... (??)

An additional catalog?
Throughout the list of products one could see several examples of "Highland Ponds". It would be interesting to create an additional catalog for these ponds (we want to know their locations on the moon without looking for their coordinates).
There seem to be 44 of these highland ponds in the RDR list. It isn't really a lot. An additional catalog of them could fit in this page, or perhaps I create an individual page called Highland Ponds.
- DannyCaes Jun 10, 2016