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(formerly Lents K)

Lat: 2.3°S, Long: 98.8°W, Diam: 20 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image kramarov-lo-iv_195_h3.jpgKramarov.jpg
left: Lunar Orbiter IV . right: LROC . Kramarov lies on top of northern Orientale basin ejecta blanket.


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(LAC zone 90B1) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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  • Named for Grigory Moiseevich Kramarov (1887-1970), a Soviet space scientist.
  • Although listed in the IAU Planetary Gazetteer as replacing the former lettered crater designation Lents K, that name was actually part of Ewen Whitaker's effort to letter the farside for NASA RP-1097 (1982) and was never approved by the IAU. The IAU Planetary Gazetteer listing also gives a map reference of "SOV 1985" for this and the other seven new names published in 1991. This would seem to be a reference to an unidentified Soviet map from 1985.
  • On page 181 (LAC 90) of the Clementine Atlas, the name Kramarov is not printed (this crater is still called Lents K).- DannyCaes Oct 16, 2011

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