Impact Melt Lobes

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Several contributors of the LROC site wrote interesting articles to show you the existence of fluid or semi-fluid lava like substances on the lunar surface. These substances are still there, but... as coagulated "fossils" from a distant era in the history of earth's moon

LROC articles

Post N°27 - Out of the Shadows: Impact Melt Flow at Byrgius A (aka La Paz) -
Post N°57 - Impact Melt Flows on Giordano Bruno -
Post N°159 - Polygonal fractures on Tycho ejecta deposits -
Post N°172 - Rootless Impact Melt Flows at Eimmart A -
Post N°191 - Forked Impact Melt Flows at Farside Crater SSW of Steno N -
Post N°207 - A Molten Flood immediately ENE of Necho -
Post N°226 - Impact Melt at Necho -
Post N°331 - Look at that Flow south of Ingalls G ! -
Post N°353 - Splash and Flow - at the high-albedo raycrater north of Atlas A (aka Bill Dembowski's Atlas Companion) -
Post N°358 - Stress and Pull - at a wrinkle ridge in Mare Imbrium -
Post N°413 - Necho -
Post N°418 - Outside of Giordano Bruno -
Post N°448 - Herigonius K Impact Melt Flow -
Post N°483 - Impact Melt Lobes at Lowell -
Post N°486 - Scalelike Impact Melts at Plato M -
Post N°489 - River of Rock at Tycho -
Post N°508 - Melt on a Rim of Berzelius W -
Post N°511 - Impact Melt Fingers in Grotrian -
Post N°517 - Dark Impact Melt Sheet near Olcott -
Post N°528 - Dark Material Flows south of Doppelmayer J -
Post N°559 - Breached Levee in Tycho -
Post N°561 - Anaxagoras Exterior Melt -
Post N°562 - Giant Flow of Impact Melt at Tycho -
Post N°582 - Melt Overlap at Anaxagoras -
Post N°585 - La Perouse A Impact Melt -
Post N°587 - Branched Impact Melts at the unnamed ray-crater on the rim of Gibbs -
Post N°594 - Dynamics of Molten Rocks at Mandel'shtam F -
Post N°641 - Melt or Rubble in Carrel? -
Post N°677 - Lineations on the Melt in Joule T -
Post N°684 - Distal Edges 140 Km east of Schrodinger -
Post N°694 - Giordano Bruno whorl - (included in the list because this is one of the most unusual features on the moon's surface!).
Post N°730 - Wrinkles in Mare Frigoris -