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Lat: 36.5°S, Long: 99.7°E, Diam: 48 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_gernsback-clem1.jpgGernsback.jpg
left. Clementine . right. LROC . Gernsback lies at the north sector of Mare Australe .


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- Although nothing is mentioned about Gernsback in the LPI's search-list of orbital Apollo photographs, this crater WAS photographed by Apollo 15's south-looking Fairchild mapping/metric camera.
- Oblique Fairchild photograph AS15-M-2499 shows the flat pancake-shaped crater Gernsback with dark mare-floor near the central part of the curved horizon.
- Wonderful color-Hasselblad photographs of the Mare Australe region (with Gernsback) were also made during the mission of Apollo 15.
- Apollo 15's Hasselblads on which Gernsback is visible:
AS15-88-12007, 12008, 12009, 12010, 12011, and 12012.
- The HI-RES scans of the above mentioned six Hasselblad photographs:
AS15-88-12007 HR, 12008 HR, 12009 HR, 12010 HR, 12011 HR, and 12012 HR.
(source: Kipp Teague's Project Apollo Archive)
- Research orbital Apollo 15 photography: Danny Caes.


(LAC zone 116B4) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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